Hunter's Bag Gift Set, Stainless Steel Flask, Genuine Leather Case, Black

Sale price$101.49


  • A bag consisting of items, packed in a handcraft leather bag, would become the perfect present for a hunter;
  • A stainless steel flask decorated with leather allows you to enjoy your favorite drink during hunting;
  • A lighter is a must during hunting: it can be useful in some difficult situations;
  • Use this bag to put some necessary stuff into it;
  • Made in Russia, in an old town Vorsma, by local craftsmen.

Yagdash (from the German word œJagdtasche � - hunter 's bag) is a very useful and convenient accessory for hunting. This bag can be worn across the body or on the shoulder. The bag can be used for various small stuff which can be useful during hunting. This set is an original and exclusive gift for an adventure lover. All the materials used are of the highest quality. The gift set looks costly and decent, it is worth presenting to the most sophisticated person. The genuine leather case is hand-made by Vorsma craftsmen.

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