Nord Fleece Mitts Winter Sports Mittens for Men

Size: L
Sale price$39.99


  • WATERPROOF AND WARM: Made with waterproof membrane insulation, the mittens are designed especially for hard winter conditions.

  • COMFORTABLE: Fleece inner liner with anti-pilling fabric treatment helps to generate heat and makes wearing more comfortable.

  • SIZE: These mittens are available in L and XL sizes.

Your hands are your tools. Protect them from cold, wind, water, and wet snow. Nord mittens are designed to withstand harsh winter conditions. Made of 3K Breathable membrane, the outer part is windproof and waterproof. Anti-pilling fleece, used as a lining, creates extra warmth and comfort. For better insulation, a double-layered synthetic insulator is used as the inner layer. Nord mittens protect hands from cold, wind, water, and wet snow during severe frosts. They perfectly fit appropriate outwear, whether you are fishing, hunting, or walking.

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