4, 5 ft Bright Tilting Beach Umbrella with Carry Bag

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Size: 5'3"
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  • QUALITY MATERIALS - NISUS folding sun umbrella is made of 170T polyester fabric and a water coating that makes it waterproof and fade resistant. It means that your umbrella will last you for many years, pleasing you with the rainbow color. It has a secure push button that makes it easy to set up the outdoor umbrella canopy. The tilt mechanism allows you to adjust the NISUS beach sand umbrella as your heart desires. You will be able to enjoy the coolness of the shade even on a sultry hot day.
  • COLOR AND SIZE - NISUS tilting sun umbrella is made for the bright outdoor life with vivid rainbow colors and multiple 4 '7 � and 5 '3 � sizes so that you can pick what fits your needs. That's why you will choose precisely this pool umbrella out of thousands of other ones. These striped colors make this umbrella charming and easily visible from the sea so that you won't get lost in the crowd of people.  
  • MULTIPLE USES - The umbrella for the beach is indispensable on a boiling day. You can use it when you are out at the beach, at a swimming pool or by the lake. You can use it in commercial and residential locations, backyard, or patio as it is sturdy, durable, and can brighten your backyard in beautiful colors.
  • PORTABLE - The NISUS small outdoor umbrella is lightweight and easy to pack. Step 1- Step 2 and voila! You can fold it easily and pack it in the carrying bag that comes with the sunshade umbrellas to carry it from the beach home without any difficulties. It is easy to assemble when you get it to your destination.
  • SUN PROTECTION - Use the colorful NISUS outdoor umbrellas on a hot day as you sunbathe to protect your skin from the sun UV rays. The umbrella filters 98% of harmful radiation and is 4 '7", 5 '3 ' 'in diameter for maximum coverage.
Suited For Hot Days
Everybody loves to spend a hot summer day outside, but the scorching sun scares many. But it's not a reason to get scared because due to the latest design of the NISUS tilt patio umbrella, you can spend long summer days in the cozy cool shade. You don't have to move the sun umbrella all over the place as the sun moves anymore! The NISUS umbrella has a specially designed tilt mechanism that helps adjust the canopy as you wish, and it creates a spacious shaded area to protect you from harmful UV rays. The beach sand umbrella is packed in a carrying bag with a shoulder strap. It is easy to set up an umbrella. Just assemble the two pieces of the pole, insert it into the sand or grass, open it up, and adjust the height. That is all that you need to relax and feel fresh during all boiling day long.
Sturdy Design
The NISUS foldable beach umbrella is strong due to its steel pole. It is covered with powder coating that makes it rust-resistant and soft to touch. Use the sand anchor as a base for your tilting sun umbrella to provide better stability (sold separately). It can withstand sudden air gusts that would break other beach umbrellas.  
Perfect for Outdoor activities
The beach umbrellas can be a perfect addition to many outdoor activities such as a beach trip, a picnic, or barbecue. With our easy-to-follow instructions, you can set it up immediately and keep enjoying the fun. You can use it in commercial and residential locations, backyard, or patio as it is sturdy, durable, and can brighten your backyard in beautiful lemon color.
Complete Coverage
Catch a break from the rays with sun protection, covered with 170T polyester fabric that provides complete UV protection ” no more feeling tired of the sun. Now you have the opportunity to fully enjoy this summer while feeling refreshed and energized for the whole day with NISUS outdoor parasol umbrellas. It is just a matter of picking an appropriate size. So which one of these will suit you best: 4 '7", 5 '3 ' '?

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