Taimen Fish Souvenir, Gift for Angler Hunter, Shop Cafe Decoration

Sale price$25.69


  • Our taimen is a great life-like souvenir.
  • Proudly hand-made in Russia.
  • Made of reinforced resin that makes the souvenir moisture- and light-resistant.
  • Specially made to be hung on the wall.
  • Size:  37.8 x 9.4 in

    Catch this great and unique fish! This is a perfect gift for all passionate anglers. For sure, this taimen souvenir will become one more trophy in the angler 's collection. Specially made to be hung on the wall, this accessory will look great in the angler 's house, fishing shop, or seafood restaurant. It is almost a full-sized taimen that makes the souvenir look really natural and cool.

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