Equipped Tip-Ups Pop-Up Integrated Hole-Cover Easy to Clip 50 ft, Set of 10

Size: N-TUE-02M.S
Sale price$29.95


  • PREVENTS FREEZE-UP: Made of frost-resistant polypropylene, the base blocks out unnatural light, which may spook your trophy.
  • DESIGN: The tip-up is easy to set-up. The bright design of the tip-up allows the anglers to see it from a distance. Due to the octagon-shaped base, it cannot rotate in the snow.
  • CONVENIENCE: Reliable signal flag's motive is crooked and ready for usage. When a fish strikes, the line turns the spool, and the bright flag straightens, alerting the angler.
  • COMPACT: The set of 10 tip-ups is stored in the bag, which is easy to transport during ice-fishing.
NISUS tip-up will improve your fishing experience! This tip-up is an excellent tool for all anglers and abilities. The tip-up is equipped with a fishing line, a sinker, and a wolfram leader. The base is made of frost-resistant polypropylene, thus insulating and blocking out unnatural light. To avoid tip-up rotation in the snow, the base is octagon-shaped. When a fish bites, the line turns the spool, and the bright flag straightens, which is visible regardless of wind conditions. Make sure to add the tip-ups to your ice fishing arsenal this winter and enjoy the success they can bring!  

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