2-inch Self Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad, Blue and Gray

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  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The self-inflating foam pad from NISUS is perfect for pool, beach, backpacking, hiking, camping, fishing.
  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY:  Due to the weight and size it is possible to take it with you. The weight is 3 lb.
  • SMOOTH AND COMFORTABLE : Non-slip surface keeps you on the floating  pad and prevents the pad from slipping on the surface.
  • SELF INFLATING: Inflating and deflating is as easy as ABC: two self-inflating valves provide faster inflating and deflating. No pumps or other additional tools are needed, which allows taking the pad with you wherever you go.
  • ACCESSORIES: For more convenient carrying and storage, a sack and ties are in the set. A repair kit is also included.  


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