Portable Mini Fan Power Bank, Rechargeable USB Powered Fan

Sale price$6.99


  • VERSATILE: The mini fan is a valuable thing on a hot summer day: it can save you from the scorching heat wherever you are. It runs from 5 to 15 hours so that you can enjoy the mini fan all day long.
  • SMALL AND PORTABLE: This mini fan is 1.33" x1.33" x 4.44" in and weighs only 5.82 oz! You can easily put it in your bag, backpack, or pocket.  
  • TWO-IN-ONE: This mini fan can not only cool you but can also charge your phone. It has a 2200 mAh battery capacity, which can be used as a power bank.
  • BUILT-IN BATTERY: A rechargeable battery powers the fan, the USB cable is included and is compatible with any USB port like computer, power bank, or car charger.
  • STRONG AIRFLOW: The fan has one speed with 3800 RPM, which is strong enough to keep you cool.

The mini fan with PowerBank is a must-have in summer! It is small and lightweight, so it will not occupy much space in your bag or backpack and can be easily held in hand. It is multipurpose and is perfect for traveling, walking, hiking, camping, road trips, beach, or gym.  

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