Multipurpose Waterproof Tarp 5 mil

Size: 6x8ft
Sale price$7.99


  • MULTI-PURPOSE:  This tarp is suitable for camping, hunting, cover woodpile, storage, boat or car cover, and many more applications you can think of.
  • WATERPROOF:  Made of tarpaulin, this tarp will keep your belongings completely dry, even in extreme weather, with not a drop of water pass through.
  • DURABLE:  The tarp is lightweight, very durable and resilient to the forces of nature.
  • SIZE:  The tarp provides a large coverage area, measuring at 20x30ft, 12x16ft, 10x10ft or 6x8ft.
Rain, snow, or wind - this tarp can handle it all!  It is waterproof and can withstand any type of weather.  This 5 mil thick tarp is water- and tear-resistant.  You can be certain that not a single drop of water will get through your tarp.    You can cover a vehicle, boat, or work-in-progress with this tarp - the grommets are rust-resistant, and will not cause any rust stains.  No matter what the application is, we 've got you covered!

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