Motoshtorm Ice Auger Power Bit Drill Unit with a Safety Handle Adapter Kit

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Size: 5"
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The Motoshtorm Ice Auger Power Drill Bit perfectly represents how we view a premium, one-size-fits-all product that meets and exceeds fishermen's needs. Easily converted into a gas, propane, electric, or battery-powered ice auger, this power bit will surpass your expectations. Created by a team of extremely dedicated professionals and tested by anglers and sportsmen in severe conditions, this MOTOSHTORM product is proven to uphold the highest standards in drilling and durable ice fishing gear.

Using our drill adapter with a safety handle disc you easily convert Motoshtorm into a power unit with the help of your favorite DeWalt, Milwaukee, or another cordless drill.

This incredible kit is boasting the following features:

  • VERSATILITY: The MOTOSHTORM Power Auger Pistol Bit is easily compatible with most powerheads and can be used with a cordless drill and safety handle adapter attachment.

  • DURABILITY: Due to their steel construction, MOTOSHTORM augers serve you notably well and are perfect for ice fishing. Specifically, chipper-style blades quickly cut through the ice, guaranteeing a perfect strike.  

  • POWDER COATING: Thanks to its powder coating cover, this auger will not succumb to rust after drilling only a hole or two: so you can enjoy a little fishing and then drop your bit into your carrying bag without worrying about its condition. 
  • ATTACHED BLADE COVER: These curved auger blades are so incredibly sharp that they can easily cut your hand. Thankfully, you can remove the blade edge from the other side by moving the auger back and forth. Furthermore, MOTOSHTORM blades are protected with a plastic blade guard, which is included.
  • PERFECT SIZE: This ice auger master bit ensures the ice hole is wide enough to catch large predatory fish, yet at the same time, boasts a lightweight, handheld design: the perfect combination!

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