Hands Free Dog Leash with Bag, 5ft

Sale price$14.99


  • HEAVY-DUTY: For a small or medium dog, this dog leash is made of strong and durable nylon with sturdy metal clasp, which can withstand strong pulling.
  • HANDS-FREE: Enjoy walking with your dog and prevent shoulder injuries and back pain.  
  • SHOCK-ABSORBING: Two elastic ropes absorbs shock and reduce the pulling and the risk of injuries.
  • SAFETY: The leash is reflective, which makes you visible at night.
  • FOR ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: Run, walk, or train your dog and have your hands free.

It is not always convenient to carry a dog leash in your hand when walking, running, or hiking with your dog. The bag on the waist belt is a great place to store the most necessary things, such as a phone, keys, or a pocket. With this hands-free 5-feet dog leash, you can easily carry the bags or your phone without losing control. Bungee reduces shock allowing to avoid shoulder and hand injuries and to prevent dog 's health problems as the jerks can lead to choking and problems with the spine. This modern dog leash helps avoid these problems and makes walking, running, and hiking with your dog more pleasant and fun.

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