Oval Portable Aluminum Folding Camping Table

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  • MULTI-PURPOSE: NISUS folding table is perfect for a picnic in a company and can be used as a side table for a grill and barbecue and as a serving table.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The aluminum frame makes the table  light despite its size: its weight is  only 15.5 lb.  
  • DURABLE:  The table is made of high-quality aluminum tube 0.98" in diameter and laminated HDF board.
  • EASY SETUP: It takes only a few seconds to install the table and no additional instruments are needed.
  • GREAT LOADING CAPACITY: The table can carry up to 66 lb.

This folding oval table is  an ideal choice for camping with  the whole  family or the big company of friends. Due to its form, the table looks elegant; put a tablecloth on it for a more sophisticated look. Telescopic legs allow adjusting the height as you need. The aluminum frame 0.98" in diameter makes the table steady and strong. The tabletop is made of laminated HDF boards which firmly withstand intensive use, resistant to detergents and sun rays. When not in use, the table folds for easy storage and carrying.  The bag for storage in attached.

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