Compact Outdoor Anodized Aluminum Kettle for Camping with Windscreen Bottom

Sale price$21.99


  • VOLUME: This outdoor kettle is capacious: the volume is 1 liter. It is perfect for a small company of friends to enjoy hot tea.
  • QUALITY: The outdoor aluminum kettle is made of anodized aluminum. This coating protects the kettle from scratches and is safe for health.
  • EFFICIENT: Due to the heat exchange bottom with the windscreen, the efficiency increases by 30%, which helps to save fuel and time.
  • PORTABLE: This kettle is compact and lightweight. Its size is 6.1x3.7 in, and the weight is 8.28 oz.
  • SPOUT DESIGN: Forget about splashes and spilling, the short spout pours the water smoothly.

When the weather is nasty, and you are soaked to the skin after the whole day of hiking, the faster you drink hot tea, the better. This Campsor-200L1 outdoor camping kettle will provide you with a hot drink within minutes, more quickly than the usual kettle without heat exchange bottom. And do not be afraid to burn your hands as the handle is heat-resistant. The kettle comes in a nylon mesh pocket and fits perfectly various outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, fishing, or camping. It is lightweight, portable, and compact and won 't take much space and won 't make your backpack heavier.

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