Camping Outdoor Privacy Pop Up Shelter Shower Toilet Tent

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  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Always have a private place to take of your needs, shower, or change your clothes while camping, hiking, or on the beach: for any outdoor occasion. One inside pocket and a hook let you place your belongings or towels. Don 't bother about the airflow - designed with a small window behind, the tent provides perfect ventilation.  
  • COMPACT BUT SPACIOUS: Make an instant pop-up spacious shelter with this tent, which is 4 x 4 x 6 ft when installed. With such inside space, it would be very easy to change or to make a quick shower without feeling stiff. When folded up, the tent is 23.6 x 23.6 x 3 in and weighs only 2 lb, so it 's extremely easy to carry and won 't clutter your backpack or truck.
  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Made of high-quality 190D rigid, rip, and tear-resistant waterproof polyester which won 't lose its form and is easy to clean. The steel frame is durable and provides maximum stability to the tent. All of this lets you expect its long-lasting use.  
  • ACCESSORIES: The tent kit includes a convenient carrying bag with backpack-like straps and tent stakes for even more stability.
  • EVERYTHING FOR YOUR COMFORT: Easy popping up and folding up will save both your time and efforts. The tent has no floor coating which allows you to enjoy your quick shower without thinking of how to keep the tent clean and the floor dry.

It has never been easier to protect your privacy with NISUS privacy shelter! Hanging outside with friends, having a forest picnic, camping, or having a nice time on a beach - it will take you just a moment to install the tent and have some private moments. Thanks to a tight material the tent can 't be seen through.

You can keep the zip-locked door closed or open it, rolling it up and fixing it with loops and toggles. Once inside, make yourself comfortable putting your things in a pocket and clothes or a towel on a hook.  

Our shelter is specially designed for people who love spending time outdoors and travel with comfort. It is easy to carry, regardless of you coming in a car or with a backpack or even without them, as the storage bag takes little place and has backpack-like straps. The tent will be a must-have accessory for a family with small kids or a company on any outdoor occasion - be it on a beach, camping or hiking. Take care of yourself comfortably with NISUS shelter!

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