Ataka Insulated Winter Baseball Cap with Ears, Earflaps Trapper Cold Weather

Sale price$13.99


  • WARM: Insulated with fleece, this cap with earflaps keeps you warm even in harsh weather conditions.
  • COMFORTABLE: The light and breathable material ensures you're going to feel comfy and dry whatever you're doing.

  • SIZE: Adjust the size with еhe string and stopper at the back.

You can rely on this cap since it will keep you dry and warm throughout winter's severe weather. Because of its foldable earflap, it protects a wearer's head and ears from cold very well. Quite a dense polyester fabric is also lightweight and feels smooth to the touch. The distinctive features of the material are high strength, fast dry-down, and excellent thermal insulation features.  The synthetic thin leather is very similar to natural material and is frost-resistant, so it always remains soft at below-zero temperatures.

In this model, fleece is used as a pad, which guarantees extra warmth and comfort when wearing.

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