Gift Set # 2 for Outdoor Enthusiasts, Genuine Leather Case

Sale price$314.99


    • A wonderful set of 10 items, packed in a handcraft leather suitcase, would become the perfect present for ones who enjoy traveling and outdoor lifestyle;
    • Stainless steel flask in a leather case suits perfectly for any trip;
    • A set of shot glasses, spoons, and forks is enough for the company of 5 people. Skewers and brazier are necessary to cook tasty meat;
    • When you take a bottle of wine with you, the corkscrew indefinitely is the thing you need;  
    • Made in Russia, in an old town of Vorsma, exclusively by local craftsmen.

    100% unique gift for the closest people. All the materials used are of the highest quality. The gift set looks costly and decent. An incredible leather suitcase is equipped with the necessary items for traveling or outdoor trip. The inner and outer sides of the box are hand-made by Vorsma craftsmen and have sophisticated design. 

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